TrainStation – Venice, London and Berlin Themes

There are new themes in TrainStation. The last one we mentioned was Bratislava Theme. Since than, the other three themes have been added into game – Venice, London and Berlin Themes.

Venice, center of European culture and art for centuries, is one of the cities with the richest history on the old continent, so you can bring its glamour to your railways! You can buy the new theme in the “Extensions and Themes” tab of the shop. And don’t forget to check corresponding buildings and decorations too, to make your passengers happy and excited!

The other theme is London. It was added in time of London Summer Olympic Games 2012. You can expect some big buildings there – The Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, Piccadilly, Tower of London, City Hall, London Cathedral and so on! Turn your station into a busy city that connects history with future!

Last stop of our European tour is here. Welcome to Berlin, one of the world’s most green capitals! You can find the new theme in our game’s shop, along with corresponding buildings and decorations. Enjoy your stay!

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